MLH Official - Spring 2016
apr 16 - 17
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the first m3m3-based hackathon

it's better to be quirky. come discover and expand the limits of your quirkiness and creativity while innovating, designing, and exploring technology. the most exciting and anticipated experience under the title of "hackathon" you will ever be a part of.
located in the chicago innovation exchange (CIE), a beautiful incubator space, you will get to spend 24 hours hacking away with memes and cutting edge technology for facetime with companies, learning experiences with mentors, and an unforgettable memory.
dank? nah, uncommon.


  • Saturday (APR 16)

  • Sunday (APR 17)





what's a hackathon?

hackathons are hacking marathons where attendees are encouraged to collaborate to anything! hackers will be provided an environment full of fun and support to make sure the necessary tools are provided to create excellent things, have fun, and make lasting memories.

do i need a team?

nope, you can hack solo! but you are encouraged to meet new friends and create teams. there will be a designated time to meet other hackers!

how much does it cost?

attendees do not need to pay anything. uncommon hacks will provide wifi, meals, swag, workspace, and limited transportation

when is uncommon hacks?

thats for us to know and for you to figure out. ha ha jk. event starts APR 16, 9AM and ends APR 17, 5PM.

where is uncommon hacks?

the beautiful Chicago Innovation Exchange space, 2nd Floor, 1452 E 53rd St, Chicago, IL, 60615.

what can i build?

uncommon hacks encourages you to build the most creative projects you can think of. this is a safe space to create the weirdest, the quirkiest, and the most amazing projects ever. the environment and events will support this.

what should i bring?

attendees should bring a valid form of ID. other recommended items are: laptops, blankets or sleeping bags, toiletries, chargers, and whatever might bring you more success!

what if i have another question?

tweet us @uncommonhacks or email or!

do you have a code of conduct?

what's special about uncommon hacks?

this hackathon is unreal. expect to never forget the experience with real memes, a john cena API challenge, and lots of fun. the team has worked intensely to create an environment where creative juices can flow best.

how big can teams be?

teams can be as big as 4 and as small as 1

i'm an international student. can i attend?

absolutely, the event will accept international students! uncommon hacks will do its best to reimburse students that require travel reimbursements.

i'm a high school student. can i attend?

this is tentative at the moment. we encourage you to apply regardless.

is my cursor brittany spears or hilary duff?


what is the significance of celery?

here. also annie doesnt like celery.
yes we abide by the major league hacking code of conduct

contact us

got questions? email us at or we'll do our best to help you out.